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No, it can be more or less expensive depending on the booking date. Arctic Adventure offers to research the cheapest ticket or to negotiate your flight ticket with your usual branch. The earlier you book, the more alternatives you have.

The best period is from mid-December to the end of March. Each period has its pros and cons. In December, there are school holidays and Christmas, but some years the lakes are not frozen enough to ride on. In January, and February, There is a stiff snow, but the days are shorter and sometimes colder. The flight tickets are also more expensive in February due to the school holidays. In March, the days is are longer and temperatures are warmer, but the snow is sometimes more soft.

No, you do not need it because we can lend you one.

Not to include gasoline and meals in your package gives you more flexibility. You can enjoy snowmobiling that suits you, and we can make more or less stops far for the meals. Furthermore, including gasoline and meals would cost you more than go with the flow of the trip, because we are a commercial company and must gain a rentability on all our sales.

After you register, a list of needed items will be sent to you, but, in fact, you won’t have any other special investment to make because we provide you with all the needed and specialized equipment.

Ambiance, small friendly groups, 20 years of experience, atypical raids favouring the off piste… Many letters of congratulation (comments book), many laudatory press articles… But the most important is the safety rules, which we feel essential (training on our private lake, first-aid guide with satellite phone), caution (helmets, visor heater) or comfort (no deductible for theft).

No, you just need a motorcycle or car’s driving license. We assure you a training on a private site, which results in the accessibility for everyone. Of course for a sportive raid, you should feel capable of a quick adaptation for the driving..

Yes, but if there is no serious reason for it (lack of permit, excessive cost), we advice you to choose the solo: it is so much enjoyable for everyone. And don’t panic if you are the timid person, we will teach you how to drive and you’ll find it easy!

We assure our snowmobiles with an “all risks” policy. The deposit is the amount of the deductible. You are responsible for the first $2000/2500 Canadian dollars (approximately € 1500/1850) for any damage done on your snowmobile. Above, costs are supported by Arctic Aventure or his insurance. A deposit of the same amount will be required by credit card Visa or MasterCard (check your payment authorization / ceiling with your bank) before you entrust your snowmobile and the deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay.

In case of theft, the deductible is $ 0 on return of the keychain.

You can, but our equipment is surely better suited and you avoid unnecessary overload.

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